Someone told you that starting an
e-commerce business would be as simple as choosing products and posting them on social media.

I'm here to let you know that they lied.


Building a scalable e-commerce business is so much more than just getting a business license and selecting products. It's more than just creating content and posting on social media. It's a business. And real businesses require real work.


That's why I created E-commerce Elementary for boutique owners and e-commerce brands who want to establish proper business foundations and understand how to drive consistent sales in their business.

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You deserve the business of your dreams.

All you need is a good understanding of online selling, a strong foundation and a plan.

I know you want bigger and better things for yourself.

You want to list products and sell them fast!

You want authentic engagement and visibility to attract your ideal customers.

You want consistent traffic and sales on your Shopify store. Heck, you want a Shopify store that's actually set up properly to receive sales.

You want to turn your weekly salary into daily sales.


And I want you to have all the things. But, you're going to have to work for it. 

You're just winging it right now, but it's time to start taking strategic action. 


Your golden tickets to successfully building an e-commerce business with the revenue you want are:

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A solid brand foundation

Every action you take and every decision you make in business should be purposeful. By starting your business on a solid foundation, you can guarantee that every result that your get is tied to your overall 

brand vision.

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Real Content Strategy

The content you share across various marketing channels has the capability to attract and audience and create a barrier of trust between your brand and potential shoppers. So, each piece of content should be created intentionally and objectively.

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Marketing & Sales Funnels

You have control over every single touch point a person has with your brand. Take special care to ensure that every platform that they land on, every piece of content that they see and every message that they read is tied to the result that you want.

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Trust me


I know it's hard looking at all the boxes of merchandise just sitting around on your and not selling or looking at all the products available to sell and not knowing what to purchase.


I get it...

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You're on Instagram all day like it's your job, but still have no idea what type of content to post which means you won't be able to drive the sales you want.


You're posting on social media, but the only engagement you're getting is comments from your cousins and aunties cheering you on for your "little business".



Your plan is to launch the business in 30 days or launch the next collection in two weeks. But, let's be real... You don't actually have a plan. You just have intentions. You likely don't even understand what it means to create a strategy



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Here's what you can expect from
commerce Elementary

E-commerce Elementary is a 12-week online program combining two of our most-loved masterclasses; Boutique Launch Bootcamp & the How to Get More Sales Starter Pack.

This curriculum based program will include 12 modules, with corresponding homework assignments that can be submitted for review.

You'll also be invited to 8 group coaching calls to answer all of your questions, as well as 4 co-working sessions designed to help you implement your new found knowledge into your business.

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Ready to secure your spot?


Your investment options:

There are three investment options available for you to choose from. Secure your spot while you can.




Are you ready?

Are you ready?


I have taken a few classes surrounding business and were disappointed BUT Jance and the Boutique Academy was a breath of fresh air. I learned so much. Jance was professional and personable. I feel more equipped to be a successful Curvy Boss. -- Victoria

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You're just steps away...

Set your e-commerce up for success.

And while it may take time, you have more control over the results than you know.


It's time to take control of the results you want.

And if that looks like a boutique business with the proper foundations and the consistent sales you want, go ahead and make sure you've got a spot in E-commerce Elementary.


Your business and bank account will thank you later.